Traffic & Transportation


Traffic & Transportation Overview

Our country’s transportation network is evolving and changing almost daily. Understanding how transportation relates to and interacts with urban design is critical. Good transportation planning looks at the community and land the project will pass through. Corridor studies, route location, logistics, traffic studies, stakeholders meetings, and schematic layouts are just a few of the components of a comprehensive context-sensitive solution.
MBCO provides a complete array of traffic engineering services with the goal of optimizing traffic flow and enhancing safety for all users of the multi-modal transportation network. We consider each appropriate mode of travel and node of the overall system for every project or task, developing the best value solution for our clients.

  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Traffic Signal Design and Analysis
  • Intersection Conceptual Design
  • Roadway and Intersection Capacity Analyses
  • Access Management
  • Fiber Communication
  • Signing and Pavement Marking Design
  • Traffic Control Plan Design
  • Traffic Impact Analysis
  • Speed Zone Studies
  • Corridor Level Of Service (LOS) Analysis
  • Traffic Signal and Multi-way Stop Warrant Analyses
  • Parking Analysis
  • Coordination with Municipalities to obtain Approvals
MBCO provides traffic engineering services to state and county departments of transportation, local jurisdictions, municipal governments, developers and private sector clients throughout Texas. Our engineers are eminently qualified with the requisite knowledge, experience and credentials to efficiently deliver unparalleled plans, studies and recommendations that meet our clients’ needs and objectives.


  • Schematic Design
  • Plans, Specifications and Estimates
  • Retaining Wall Design
  • Sound Wall Design
  • Tollway Design
  • Commuter Rail Design
  • Railroad Design
  • Detention Pond Design
  • Park and Ride Design
                  Transportation, by definition is a system or mode of transporting individuals or goods from Point A to Point B. MBCO has experience in designing various types of transportation systems, from a concept through schematic design and into final plans, specifications and estimates (PS&E). 
                  MBCO experience includes projects with TxDOT, HCTRA, METRO, and local counties and cities providing excellence and skilled transportation design.
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