Survey Overview
MBCO Engineering and Surveying has built a solid reputation as a full-service engineering and surveying firm committed to quality customer service, accurate, rapid response and dependable surveying services. We are proud of our “One-Stop Shop” capabilities as we have the engineers, row specialist and surveyors who work seamlessly as one team to provide the client with the highest level of service. Our experienced survey staff and field personnel can provide high level surveying for transportation projects, construction staking, waterline projects, row acquisition, easement preparation, design surveys, ALTA surveys and industrial projects. Our team is equipped to perform work required for a rotation list or single project: schematic; design; construction; as-built; and anything in between.  

MBCO’s team can provide services that include the traditional conventional survey, GPS surveying, terrestrial scanning and aerial control. Our team is composed of multiple Registered Professional Land Survey professionals and project managers that have a vast knowledge and experience working across the state and has helped us forge strong relations with the master planners of major capital improvement and public works projects with multiple city, county, and state agencies.

• Boundary Surveys
• GPS Control
• Aerial Control
• ROW/ Route Surveys
• Topographic Surveys
• HDS Terrestrial Scanning
• Platting
• Land Development
• Pipeline Surveys
• Construction Staking
• ALTA Surveys
• Mapping
• Deed Research

MBCO Engineering and Surveying is registered with the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying and provides professional land surveying services across Texas.

Houston (Corporate) Surveying License No. 10194112

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